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Smart Buy

What is Smart Buy?

Smart buy is a unique concept which gives you a discount for placing a manufacturing order or an order for  items that are out of stock.

How long will it take for Smart Buy products to be delivered?

It takes 40 to 45 days to manufacture a product. In addition to this there is shipping time. Delivery time for Smart Buy items differs from product to product; certain products might be receives much earlier than specified. Our Customer Support Team will inform you of the exact time-line as soon as you place your order.

How will I be notified about the products manufactured?

Once your product is received from manufacturing team, our Customer Support Team will call and inform you of the final product price. If the amount paid by you is higher than the final price, we will return such excess money. If the amount is higher than what you have already paid, we will send you a payment link to complete payment process for the balance amount.

Will the final product price change?

When an item is manufactured, there is likely to be a slight difference between the final product price and the amount you paid. This is because product price depends on the weight of the gold/platinum and stones used; after the item is manufactured, there might be a change in weight. Therefore, we will calculate our final product price on the basis of final gold weight, diamond weight, stone weight. The gold price booked on the date of purchase will be applicable.

Is it possible for me to cancel the order?

No, it is not possible to cancel the order placed on Smart Buy. Even the 7-day Return Policy does not apply for products under Smart Buy.