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Precious Platinum

Platinum (Pt) is a greyish-white precious metal that is extremely hard and non-reactive. It is dense, malleable (can be beaten into sheets) and ductile (drawn into wires). So hard and heavy is this unique metal that, no matter what the wear and tear, there is absolutely no loss in its weight. It is therefore considered the best metal to set solitaire diamonds.

It is said that all the platinum mined in the world can for into an average-sized room. Due to its scarcity, it is a highly valuable and sought-after metal. Prior to 2001, the platinum jewellery trade in India was not regulated. Individual jewellers manufactured platinum jewellery, but there really was no tried and true test for the customer to check its purity.

In 2001, Platinum Guild International (PGI) entered the Indian jewellery market through its Indian arm, Platinum Guild India Private Limited. With the entry of PGI in India, the platinum jewellery trade became regulated. In India, platinum is hallmarked by an independent American assay agency, Underwriters Laboratories or UL Inc.

Hallmarking of platinum jewellery is not the same as hallmarking gold. In India, the symbol Pt 950 on a piece of platinum jewellery denotes its purity, which is 95%. UL Inc. checks authenticity and purity, and audits and monitors the quality assurance process.

Earlier, there was a huge price difference between gold and platinum; the latter costed over double the price of gold. However, this difference has narrowed in recent times and the two metals now cost almost the same.

Platinum is precious. It has long been considered a symbol of everlasting love because of its strength, durability and rarity. When you buy a piece of platinum jewellery, please take care to:

  • Buy platinum jewellery only from a reputed jeweller
  • Ensure that Pt 950 is stamped on the jewellery. Make sure you receive the tamper-proof PGI certificate of purity which also mentions the weight of your platinum purchase. 
  • Make sure you receive the tamper-proof PGI certificate of purity which also mentions the weight of your platinum purchase. This is required in the unlikely event that you want to sell or exchange your platinum jewellery.